We’re Gonna Drink All the Wine This Year

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Open up your wine cellars people, ’cause we’re about to drink a lot of wine this year. In preparation for his next upcoming solo album, For You Pretty Things, Ghettosocks has teamed up with Ottawa’s DJ Jon Deck to bring you a fresh new mixtape celebrating that delicious grape juice we call wine. We’re Going To Drink A Lot Of Wine This Year, Boys. (WGTDALOWTYBzzz), is all flow, with a continuous mix that reveals intense fruit aromas and flavors of TimbuktuMuneshineChokeulesWordburglarJesse DangerouslySwamp ThingAmbitionApt, and Torae, complemented by hints of Bix, Juju (Beatnuts), General Mills and Petey Punch. The plush, velvety ear-feel and the smooth finish round out this intriguing, full-bodied blend. Grab your bottle-of-wine-glass and enjoy this a 22 track mixtape with a friend on Compact Disc or as a Name-Your-Price download, and help support the arts.