The Herbaliser – March of the Dead Things featuring Teenburger

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From The Herbaliser album, There Were Seven.

Directed by Caley MacLennan.

Cinematography by Jeff Wheaton.

Many thanks to the camera crew, art department, make-up and special effects, craft services, the PAs, and everyone involved, for all of their hard work and passion on this project!

Big shout-out to Victoria ‘Boots’ Bouchard and team for creating some truly gory zombies!

Thank you everyone at Pro Skateboards & Snowboards for letting us bloody up your store and for your great zombie work!

Thank you to Shelleyrocket MacPhail and The Seahorse Tavern!

And of course, to all of the fantastic individuals who came out to play zombie with us for a day. Without you, we wouldn’t have had much of an apocalypse! Thank you so much, you guys killed it!