Release 2013-12-25 CD, Digital
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Wolves is 14-tracks of blood curdling beats by Bix, setting the tone for D-Sisive, Ghettosocks, Muneshine, and Timbuktu to unleash some beastly raps that will tear your heart out through your chest. Featuring Canadian Hip-Hop icon Maestro Fresh Wes, the legend Adam Bomb, as well as Timbuktu’s Swamp Thing teammates, Chokeules and Savillion, the WOLVES debut self-titled album goes straight for the jugular. Protect ya neck.

Track List

  1. God Mode
  2. Chocolate Bars
  3. Library Ghost
  4. Let the Boy Watch
  5. Kings (feat. Maestro & Adam Bomb)
  6. Shum Shum
  7. The Weird One
  8. Beast Masters
  9. Lioness (feat. Savilion)
  10. The Cottage
  11. Zombies
  12. Winston Wolf (feat. Chokeules)
  13. Air Pump & a Mushroom Cut (Remix)
  14. Sweet Revenge

Wolves is Bix, D-Sisive, Ghettosocks, Muneshine, and Timbuktu, the most ferocious rap pack ever assembled. Each member is a long time veteran of the Canadian hip hop scene, individually contributing to the game as MCs, producers, beat-makers, and DJ-ing, with a laundry list of awards, nominations, collaborations, and bodies left in their wake.

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