We’re Gonna Drink A Lot Of Wine This Year, Boys.

We're Gonna Drink A Lot Of Wine This Year, Boys

Release 2012-11-06 CD, Digital
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  1. Pop Corks [intro] (prod. Onra)
  2. High Key [EXCLUSIVE] (prod. Kev Brown)
  3. Roofless (prod. Madlib)
  4. Sweet Berry Wine [interlude] (prod. Jay Dee)
  5. I’m Loaded [EXCLUSIVE] (prod. Droop-e)
  6. Value Village [EXCLUSIVE] (prod. Bix)
  7. Gustav Klimt [EXCLUSIVE] (prod. RJD2)
  8. Ice Wine (prod. DJ Premier)
  9. Keep it G [EXCLUSIVE] (prod. Clamz Casino)
  10. Grapez [EXCLUSIVE] (prod. Lord Finesse)
  11. C.H.U.D. I AM [feat. Swamp Thing][EXCLUSIVE] (prod. Juju)
  12. The Return [feat. Muneshine & Torae] (prod. The Returners)
  13. Bottle of Wine Glass [interlude]
  14. Keep Goin’ (prod. General Mills & Petey Punch)
  15. Eight Ways [EXCLUSIVE] (prod. Black Milk)
  16. Purple [feat. Ambition] (prod. Bix)
  17. Tech Wall [EXCLUSIVE] (prod. MF DOOM)
  18. Leave the Radio On When You Leave [interlude]
  19. Hurtin’ [feat. Chokeules, Timbuktu, Wordburglar & Jesse Dangerously] (prod. Ghettosocks)
  20. Zanzibar [feat. Timbuktu][EXCLUSIVE] (prod. Bix)
  21. I Like to Think About Wine [outro]
  22. Kill a Good Year [feat. Apt] [bonus][EXCLUSIVE] (prod. Apt)

The We’re Gonna Drink A Lot Of Wine This Year, Boys. mixtape pairs JUNO Award nominee, Ghettosocks with Ottawa’s DJ Jon DeckWGDALOWTYBzzz features Canadian rap legends TimbuktuMuneshine, ChokeulesWordburglarJesse Dangerously, Swamp ThingAmbitionApt, and special guest from Brooklyn, New York, Torae.

The digital release is available now on Bandcamp, as a special “Name Your Price” offer. If you dig the music, donate a few dollars and help support independent Canadian hip hop! You can also cop a limited edition eco-pack CD of the WGDALOWTYBzzz Mixtape.

Pop some corks, let’s drink some wine!

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