We’re Gonna Drink A Lot Of Wine This Year, Boys. 2

Release 2015-09-08 CD, Digital
Available now Bandcamp

  1. Fresh Wine (Intro)
  2. Sangria
  3. Bring Some Wine (Feat. Loe Pesci)
  4. Back In Effect
  5. I’ll Be Your Dog (Feat. Muneshine)
  6. Champagne
  7. Peep The Form (Feat. Soundsci)
  8. Her Favorite
  9. The Life Aquatic
  10. Walk Home
  11. Bubbles (Feat. Loe Pesci & Savilion)
  12. Bacon Pancakes
  13. Stop!
  14. Game Tight (Feat. Cel & Audessy)
  15. Sheep Clothing
  16. I Don’t Sing
  17. Truth To The Light (Feat. Birdapres & Timbuktu)
  18. Too Weird To Live
  19. Deanna Troi
  20. Sake

#WDGALOWTYBzzz2 is the second release in the wine series by master sommeliers, Ghettosocks and DJ Jon Deck.

Recorded and mixed by Timbuktu at FUN, in Toronto.
Mastering by Savilion. DJ mix by Jon Deck.
Photography by Kelly Clark
Design and layout by Ghettosocks & Evul Otis.
+ Special Thanks to DJ Dusty and Penny the Pug.

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