Treat of the Day

GHETTOSOCKS - Treat Of The Day

Release 2009-10-10 CD, Digital
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  1. Rappin’ For Fun
  2. Onlyindamornin’
  3. Recreation
  4. Dreams of Hawaiian Sophie
  5. Stolen Kicks (featuring PH)
  6. Out For Treats
  7. Ricochet (featuring El da Sensei)
  8. Role Models
  9. Not Impressed (featuring Cesar Comanche)
  10. Pink Lemonade (featuring Apt)
  11. U Ain’t This (featuring D-Sisive, Rich Kidd, & Muneshine)
  12. Guillotine
  13. Take Chains Off
  14. Don’t Turn Around (featuring Edgar Allen Floe)
  15. Rock The Discotech (featuring Timbuktu)
  16. The Roof

Treat of the Day boasts 16 high-cholesterol songs, featuring guest appearances from El da Sensei, Pumpkinhead, Edgar Allen Floe, Cesar Comanche, D-Sisive, Muneshine, Apt, and Timbuktu. Treat of the Day hit #1 for Hip Hop on !Earshot college radio charts almost immediately, and ranked at #36 in the Top 200 for January 2010. In 2011, Ghettosocks received a JUNO Award nomination for his Treat of the Day, in the category of Rap Recording of the Year. The continuing success of this album has led to a U.S. campus radio campaign in the late summer of 2011. Treat of the Day became the #2 add for Hip Hop across nearly 200 stations on the Campus Music Journal network (CMJ) in it’s first week, and peaking at #2 on the Top 40 Hip Hop chart after four weeks.

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