Twin Peaks

The Perfect Strangers

Twin Peaks - The Perfect Strangers EP

Release 2010-07-01 CD, Digital
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  1. Perfect Strangers Intro
  2. Audrey Horne (single version)
  3. For You
  4. Prestige Worldwide
  5. The Black Lodge
  6. The Clap (Bix remix)
  7. Kaboom (M-Phazes remix)

Two of Hip Hop’s most handsome devils, Ghettosocks & Muneshine, have conjoined to form the inimitable rap duo known as Twin Peaks. Exploring the darker side of the human soul, Twin Peaks delivers a mix of hard-hitting beats and braggadocio rhymes, peppered with David Lynch-ian themes and concepts. Muneshine and Ghettosocks are indeed the perfect strangers. Now you can get to know them as Twin Peaks with their debut 7-track primer, The Perfect Strangers EP. Featuring production by Bix, Jorun Bombay, Suff Daddy, Rich Kidd, and M-Phazes; cuts by Jorun Bombay, and Ghettosocks; with guest vocals by Saidah Cici, The Perfect Strangers EP provides listeners with a glimpse into the duo’s forthcoming full length release, Kissing Hands and Shaking Babies.

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