For You Pretty Things

Release 2013-11-05 CD, Digital
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  1. Air
  2. Human Sacrifice (Dogs and Cats)
  3. Moment of Clarity (feat. Nilla and Muneshine)
  4. Outside
  5. Invincible (feat. El Da Sensei)
  6. Fate (feat. Phoenix Pagliacci)
  7. 100 Bars (feat. The Herbaliser and Timbuktu)
  8. Guggenheim (feat. Shevy Price)
  9. Once Got Busy (Burger King Bathroom)
  10. Cap (feat. Moka Only)
  11. Double Desert Eagles (feat. Sadat X and Patience)
  12. Youth in Asia (feat. WOLVES)
  13. Poutine (feat. Loe Pesci and Full Course)
  14. Cathedral (feat. Apt)
  15. Understanding
  16. The Mustard Station (feat. Jeff Spec, Timbuktu, Moka Only, and Muneshine)

Ghettosocks returns with his highly-anticipated third full-length studio album, For You Pretty Things (aka FYPT). FYPT features an array of international legends (The Herbaliser, Sadat X, El Da Sensei), up and coming Canadian artists (Shevy Price, Phoenix Pagliacci, Apt, and Nilla), and other familiar names in the rap scene (Moka Only, Loe Pesci, Patience of Flight Distance, Full Course, WOLVES, and more).

In the tradition of Treat of the Day and Get Some Friends, Socks seamlessly touches on a broad range of themes over a variety of original instrumentals. The album features production by some of the best beat-makers hailing from Canada, The U.S., and abroad (Bix, Boom Baptist, Fresh Kils, Fitz Ambrose, The Extremities, M Mac, Moka Only, Apt, Sean One, NATO) with Ghettosocks stepping up to handle the production himself on a few tracks.

So clap your headphones on, break out the cream soda, and munch on some fresh aural treats from one of the finest rappers in Canada (The CBC’s Top 25 Greatest Canadian Rappers Ever), JUNO Award nominated artist, Ghettosocks.

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