Motel 6

Release 2014-03-11 Digital Single
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Timbuktu is about to reveal something huge. How Huge? Exactly. Droppin’ this April, Timbuktu presents How Huge: The Legend of Howard Huge.

Following the success of his 2010 debut solo album Stranger Danger, How Huge chronicles the eccentric behaviour and disorderly lifestyle of an exuberant, famously moustached, notoriously carousing, and uproarious rap magnate. His legend unfolds over 14 Timbuktu slathered tracks featuring production by Timbuk himself, Bix, Ghettosocks, The Herbaliser, and Fresh Kils; cuts by Thomas Ambient, Ollie Teeba, and Uncle Fester; with guest appearances by The Artifacts, The Herbaliser, Ghettosocks, John Smith, Swamp Thing, Relic, Ambition, Chokeules, More Or Les, Wordburglar, and Wolves.

Get a sneak peek at The Legend of Howard Huge with the first single, Motel 6. Lauding the hardships and good times of life on the road, Motel 6 boasts a classic ‘Buktu rap over a beat produced by the inimitable Bix with cuts by The Extremities deck master, Uncle Fester. Available now exclusively on Bandcamp as a Name Your Price download, the Motel 6 Single Pack includes a radio edit and exclusive cover art by Ghettosocks. Please enjoy and share with your friends. @TimbuktuRaps #HowHuge

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