I Can Make Your Dog Famous

Release 2008-08-21 Digital
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  1. I Can Make Your Dog Famous Intro
  2. Whatchuknowboutme?
  3. Socks Ebonics
  4. Evict Bush
  5. Voltron Kicks
  6. I Can Make Your Dog A Donut
  7. Nice Fade
  8. Read Me My Rights
  9. Ballz In Yo Stomach (w/ Timbuktu & Pip Skid)
  10. He’s The DJ I’m The Rapper ’08
  11. LIVE AT THE APOLLO (skit)
  12. Catch A Beatdown
  13. Just Rhymin’ With Eric (w/ EMC)
  14. Liquor 2 Pandas
  15. VOICE MAIL (skit)
  16. Help! I’ve Been Robbed Remix (w/ J-Bru & Jay Bizzy)
  17. Inconceivable
  18. Baby Penguin Again
  19. Love Love Love
  20. Cut You Baby (w/ Elijah)
  21. R. KELLY’S GHOSTWRITER (w/ Jordan Croucher – skit)
  22. BONUS! Routines (w. First Words)
  23. BONUS! Stay Up

The I Can Make Your Dog Famous Mixtape is a beautifully crafted 21 track mix. Featuring exclusive Ghettosocks lyrics and production blended with original Jorun production, plus a splash of popular and not-so-popular industry beats, I.C.M.Y.D.F. is sure to find a comfy spot in any hip hop fan’s (or dog enthusiast’s) playlist.

With DJ Jorun, featuring: Timbuktu, Pip Skid, J-Bru, Jay Bizzy, EMC, Jordan Croucher, and First Words.

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