Release 2017-09-05 CD / Digital
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“That’s right, the Burger Boys are back, b*tches!”
…are the first words you hear on the debut single, I’m Gonna / We Never and they’ve never been more apropos than right now. Six years have passed since the release of their classic debut album, Burgertime, and we guarantee you’ll bee smilin’ when you blast these cybernetic rhymes into your hivemind. Ghettosocks and Timbuktu are TEENBURGER, and they’re a mouthful. Never have two dudes with one brain thought they would make it this far, but here they are bringing back their brand of modern old-school rap to the hungry masses. Produced by legendary UK production duo The Herbaliser, the Burger’s second outing, Hivemind, is gonna split wigs and mango some ears like Vincent van Gogh! Hivemind’s droning, pulsing, flowing, funky beats meld in a weirding way with Socks and ’Buktu’s more complex than Morse code wordplay — a combo deal that will leave you under an aural spell of mass hypnosis. Teenburger, Hivemind, join the collective and share in the knowledge.

All songs produced and arranged by the Herbaliser. All lyrics written and performed by Ghettosocks & Timbuktu (except where noted). Live instrumentation by Jake Wherry. Cuts by DJ Ollie Teeba. Mixed by Timbuktu at FUN, Toronto. Artwork and design by Ghettosocks. Mastered by Tom Rogers at Atomix Media.

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