Teenburger - Burgertime

Release 2011-09-06 CD, Digital
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  1. 8 AM (intro)
  2. Wake Up (feat. Jorun Bombay)
  3. Homeroom
  4. Alice Cooper
  5. English Tutor (skit)
  6. Chemistry (The New Science Remix)
  7. Ain’t Trippin Remix (feat. El Da Sensei)
  8. Oliver Clothesov (skit)
  9. Kill Lincoln (feat. D-Sisive)
  10. So Hot So Fresh (feat. Jorun Bombay and Saidah C)
  11. Prom (Rock the Discotech Remix)
  12. Party Scramble
  13. Lost Boys
  14. Halloween Special (feat. DJiRate)
  15. So Hungover
  16. Three Bucks In Quarters
  17. Food Court (feat. Saidah C)
  18. Pop N Chips Remix (feat. More or Les)
  19. Summer Jobs (feat. Jorun Bombay)
  20. Drunk in the Sun

School’s out and it’s time to Party Scramble with your pals “Capellosocks Feldman” (Ghettosocks), and “Stashcious Clay” (Timbuktu)! Burgertime, the debut album from rap combo TEENBURGER, is a 20-song soundtrack chronicling the real-life adventures of this rag-tag crew of Hip-Hop delinquents. Follow the cast of Burgertime on their mission to score booze, meet girls, and rule the arcade all in the name of higher education. Guest starring appearances from Hip-Hop heavies D-Sisive, More Or Les, El da Sensei, and DJiRATE, highlight our heroes’ escapades, while the luscious tones of Saidah C would fulfill any teenage boy’s (or girl’s) high school fantasies. Ghettosocks and Timbuktu are TEENBURGER and they’re a mouthful. Fast times, dope beats, and rhymes are the order of the day on this debut album from one of Hip-Hop’s meatiest rap combo. Bringing Old-School Rap back to the future, Burgertime is a soon-to-be Hip-Hop classic. Celebrating growing up in the ’80s and ’90s, this record is for fans of old-school Hip-Hop, teen movies, keg parties, beach jams, and summer break.

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