Alpha Flight

Battle Royale

Alpha Flight - Battle Royale

Release 2005-07-01 Digital
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  1. Battle Royale (Intro)
  2. Flight Patterns
  3. Extrasuperdeluxerap featuring Yosuki and Kaem)
  4. Concerned Citizens
  5. Mahogany Office
  6. Natural Law
  7. Bunsen Burners
  8. Finishing Moves Featuring Process And Highneken
  9. Spinning Bird Kick Featuring Semi Touch
  10. Grandeur
  11. Summer School
  12. All Systems Go Featuring Aziz
  13. Breakfast
  14. If I Could Be
  15. Play Fair Featuring Aziz
  16. Classic Handstyles Featuring Process
  17. 100 Thugs
  18. Sunlight
  19. A Long Road

This is where it all started. Formed in 2003, the originating members of Alpha Flight include Ghettosocks, Mr. Bix, DJ Y-Rush, and Jabba tha Cutt.

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