Twin Peaks

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Emcee Duo / Droppin’ Science Productions / Toronto, ON, Canada – Halifax, NS, Canada

Two of Hip Hop’s most handsome devils, Ghettosocks & Muneshine, have conjoined to form the inimitable rap duo known as Twin Peaks. Exploring the darker side of the human soul, Twin Peaks delivers a mix of hard-hitting beats and braggadocio rhymes, peppered with David Lynch-ian themes and concepts.

The debut full-length album by Twin Peaks, is a surrealistic, psychosexual portrayal of two individuals caught up in a world of their own creation. Fueled with unchecked bravado, driven by sex, violence, crime, and power, Ghettosocks and Muneshine reveal the sleaziness that lurks beneath the familiar in this rêve noire. Uncovering these powerful and potentially dangerous forces, Kissing Hands and Shaking Babies symbolizes the dichotomy of being, desire and revulsion, perversion and love, reason and madness.

In the days since KHSB was released, Twin Peaks, along with Teenburger and West Coast recording artist Jeff Spec, conquered a cross-Canada tour, travelling in style courtesy of VIA Rail. The intrepid crew toured from coast to coast on a month-long journey beginning in St.John’s, Newfoundland, and ending in Victoria, British Columbia. Stopping in every province along the way, the “VIA Rail presents: The Train of Thought Tour” transported the team to delight rap fans at 20 shows in over 15 cities across Canada.

Twin Peaks, with the help of generous and talented filmmaker friends, have shot four ‘no budget’ videos to support their debut album.