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Emcee Duo / Droppin’ Science Productions / Toronto, ON, Canada – Halifax, NS, Canada

Ghettosocks and Timbuktu are TEENBURGER and they’re a mouthful. Fast times, dope beats and rhymes, and bringing Old-School Rap back to the future are the order of the day for Hip-Hop’s meatiest rap combo. Their debut album, Burgertime, produced entirely by Halifax legend DJ Jorun Bombay, quickly became a Hip-Hop classic, acclaimed by critics and fans alike. Celebrating growing up in the ’80s and ’90s, this record is for fans of old-school Hip-Hop, teen movies, keg parties, beach jams, and summer break.

Long time veterans of the Canadian Hip Hop scene as solo artists, Socks and Timbuk have finally come together as one. Forming a deadly combination of beef patty, lettuce, tomato, bacon, processed cheddar cheese, Teen sauce, ketchup, mustard, pickles, diced onion, on a sesame seed bun, “The Burger” always leaves audiences satiated in amazement at what they’ve just ingested. Their energetic performances, onstage chemistry, and verbal mastery are undeniable. Slather that with a creamy mix of Jorun Bombay beats (aka Teen sauce), and you’ve got one dangerous rap sandwich that can’t be fucked with.

Leading up to the release of Burgertime, Teenburger dropped their debut video for the single “Rock the Discotech (Jo’s Boutique Mix).” Filmed on location in the beautiful winter streets of downtown Toronto, and the ‘famous’ roof in our Halifax ‘hood, Rock The Discotech is a classic, fast-paced, rap-into-the-camera style street video. A tribute to all of our favorite rap videos growing up, this one was all indie, all the way. Shot, directed, and edited by Caley MacLennan with only a Canon 60D and a MacBook Pro!

In the days since Burgertime was let loose on an unsuspecting student body, The Burger, along with SOCAN Award winner Muneshine, and West Coast recording artist Jeff Spec, conquered a cross-Canada tour, travelling in style courtesy of VIA Rail. The intrepid crew toured from coast to coast on a month-long journey beginning in St.John’s, Newfoundland, and ending in Victoria, British Columbia. Stopping in every province along the way, the “VIA Rail presents: The Train of Thought Tour” transported the team to delight rap fans at 20 shows in over 15 cities across Canada.

Not one to rest under the heat-lamp, The Burger immediately headed south to take over the rap scene at SXSW in Austin, Texas. “Hitting with the impact of two asteroids”, Socks and Timbuk were listed as one of the “hottest 13 indie artists at SXSW” (2012) by popular taste-maker site, Style Caster News.

The bürgermeisters have recently released a second video from the album for the single “Food Court feat. Saidah C.” Also shot and directed by Caley MacLennan, but this time with the support of a MuchFACT Viral Video grant. Filmed in guerilla style in the food court of Toronto’s famed Eaton Centre, Food Court was created as an opening sequence to a teen movie. Recreating scenes from films such as Fast Times at Ridgemont High, and The Breakfast Club,

Till next time, we leave you with the immortal words of Jules Winnfield from Pulp Fiction,

“Mmm-mmmm. That is a tasty burger.”