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Emcee / Droppin’ Science Productions / Toronto, ON, Canada

NiLLa is a Toronto based rap artist who has established herself as an outstanding Emcee, an engaging Public Speaker, and one of Canada’s top Arts Educators. Growing up in various parts of Canada, this free-spirit gravitated towards Hip-Hop at the age of 13, when she discovered her powerful voice while free-styling in her first cypher. Many years later, her creative drive and dedicated focus manifested in her debut album, “From The Ground UP” which earned her the award for “Best Rap/Hip Hop Recording Of The Year” at the Hamilton Music Awards in 2010.

NiLLa has shared numerous stages with an expansive selection of Hip Hop’s finest musical acts including The Alkoholiks, Masta Ace, Jus Allah, WildChild, MiC K!NG, DL Incognito, Grand Analog and Ghettosocks, to name a few. Aside from providing support for a long list of legendary performers, NiLLa has headlined multiple festival showcases and successfully toured with LA based Abstract Rude (Rhymesayers Entertainment).

“If you love Hiphop music, NiLLa (aka Galyn Esmé) is a name you should familiarize yourself with. Forget about the idea that she is Canadian for a second. Don’t concern yourself with her status as an independent artist. Do not dwell on the fact that she is in fact a “she”. These things do not define skills in the vocal booth… Instead, focus your energy on this – Whether live on stage or in the studio, NiLLa is all HipHop from the beats to the rhyme schemes. These are the only things you need concern yourself with, give credit where credit is due.”
– Dennis Lehto, The Program , CA

In April 2013, an international collaboration with UK label, Ruztik Records, resulted in the creation of a 12” vinyl entitled, “The Adventures of Mr.Rumage & The Fader Fanatics”. The record received global distribution and acclaim, soaring into the Top 10 of Bandcamp’s Hip-Hop charts within a week of it’s release. Most recently, NiLLa has teamed up with one of Hip Hop’s elite, Ghettosocks (Juno Nominated Rap Artist), for her next full-length record; a heavily anticipated collaboration by this super duo that is set to leave a world-wide, lasting impression.

Through her current work as an Artist Educator and Program Coordinator with UNITY Charity and P.E.A.C.E. Universal, NiLLa has toured extensively across Canada. From east to west coast and into the extreme northern Arctic (Nunavut), NiLLa has been helping Youth in various communities realize their ultimate goals and passions in life. She is able to engage and empower these young minds by utilizing Hip Hop culture as a vehicle; a common ground. NiLLa has been successfully involved in facilitating multiple after-school programs, heading numerous workshops, and appearing as a keynote speaker at various youth-focused events and conferences. While teaching her art form and sharing her own life experiences with at-risk youth, NiLLa has found much fulfillment in motivating and inspiring others to believe in themselves and their dreams. By encouraging each person to find their artistic expression in life, NiLLa continues to shape her own career and life’s work through artistic expression and community improvement.